Mobile 环境搭建1 - VSCode

1.  install  jdk-8  -x64=>  x64 default support run more Xmx(memory) than x86, and more faster generated file

2.   jdk环境变量配置

3.  windows - android studio => integrated sdk, avd,  and for better check cli generated native java file

4.  mac - xcode =>  for settng personal xcode server /accounts/profile setting(per 7 days have to subscript again from appl id, have limit apps to install in 7 days in one applie id.) to install app instal personal app, and also for better check cli generated native object-c, swift file.

5. windows - cmd/ bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off => to support android / interl Virtualization

6. windows - cmd/ BCDEdit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto => to support hyper - v/ os Virtualization

7. improvement 1: android\gradle\wrapper\>

    change to distributionUrl=file:///F:/DB/gradle/

8. improvement 2: add GRADLE_USER_HOME C:\gradle-4.7  in System Variable   => for gradle build check to local file.

9. improvement 3: android studio/setting/Gradle/tick and setting  user local gradle location and office work  service directory path: C:/gradle-4.7

10.node install:

11.  install vscode: