hulu dpp_您可以立即流式传输的10个最佳Hulu原创电视节目(2020年4月)

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Hulu has a lot of original TV show content that’s worth spending your free time streaming. These are the 10 best shows you can currently watch, no matter which subscription tier you have.

Hulu拥有许多原创电视节目内容,值得您花费空闲时间流式传输。 这些是您当前可以观看的10个最佳节目,无论您使用哪种订阅级别。

11.22.63 (11.22.63)

Hulu Original

11.22.63 is based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King that follows Jake Epping on a strange journey. This man’s normal life as a teacher is turned upside down when he finds a way to travel back in time. As he makes his way to the day of the assassination of JFK, he’ll have to search to find who committed the crime and stop them in their tracks.

11.22.63是根据斯蒂芬·金(Stephen King)的畅销小说改编的,该小说追随杰克·埃平(Jake Epping)的奇特旅程。 当他找到时光倒流的方式时,这个人作为老师的正常生活被颠倒了。 当他步入肯尼迪被暗杀的那一天时,他将不得不搜寻以找出犯罪者,并阻止他们前进。

城堡岩 (Castle Rock)

Hulu Original

Another series based on Steven King novels, Castle Rock follows the lives of his most iconic characters. This psychological horror show brings King’s characters to a mythological scale. This Hulu original combines many of the author’s most famous books in a single show, which takes place in the iconic fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine.

另一部改编自史蒂芬·金小说的剧集《 城堡石》讲述了他最标志性人物的生平。 这场心理恐怖表演将国王的角色带入了神话般的规模。 这张葫芦原著在一次展览中结合了许多作者最着名的书籍,展览发生在缅因州标志性的虚构小镇卡斯尔洛克(Castle Rock)。

高保真度 (High Fidelity)

Hulu Original

High Fidelity is the story of Rob Brooks, who uses music to recount her past loves. This is a re-creation of Nick Hornby’s famed novel about a record shop owner who lives through music. With music as her outlet, the main character relives her life as she hits hard times.

高保真是罗布·布鲁克斯(Rob Brooks)的故事,她使用音乐来讲述她过去的爱情。 这是尼克·霍恩比(Nick Hornby)著名小说的翻版,该小说讲述了一个靠音乐生存的唱片店老板。 凭借音乐作为出路,主角在重重困难时重拾生活。

莱特肯尼 (Letterkenny)

Hulu Original

This comedy truly pokes fun at the generic country vibe we see quite often these days. Letterkenny takes place in a town full of different cliques. The Hicks, Skids, and Hockey Players are constantly at each other’s throats, and their feuds usually end with someone getting beaten up.

这部喜剧真正使我们近来屡见不鲜的乡村氛围颇为有趣。 莱特肯尼(Letterkenny )发生在一个有着不同派系的小镇。 希克斯,滑橇和曲棍球运动员经常在对方的喉咙里,他们的仇恨通常以殴打别人而告终。

If you enjoy comic relief about trivial, everyday matters, this might be the show for you. The stereotypes of each group are heavily prominent throughout the show, which results in good laughs.

如果您喜欢琐碎的日常琐事,这可能就是您的节目。 在整个演出中,每个小组的刻板印象都非常突出,这引起了欢笑。

小火随处可见 (Little Fires Everywhere)

Hulu Original

This drama will surely have you up-in-arms throughout. Little Fires Everywhere, based on the best-selling novel by Celeste Ng, follows a picture-perfect family and their relationship with their new neighbors. With secrets between the groups and rules that are meant to be broken, this show will have you wondering what will happen next.

这部戏肯定会在整个过程中助您一臂之力。 《小火无处不在》(Night Fires Everywhere )是根据塞莱斯特·伍(Celeste Ng)的畅销小说改编的,讲述了一个画面完美的家庭及其与新邻居的关系。 鉴于各组之间的秘密和即将打破的规则,该节目会让您想知道接下来会发生什么。

漫威的逃亡 (Marvel’s Runaways)

Hulu Originals "Marvel's Runaways."

Marvel’s Runaways is a great Hulu original show for any fan of the franchise. Following a group of six runaway teens, the characters all band together to take down the common evil in their lives—their parents. This action-filled drama unveils things in these individuals they didn’t know they had.

Marvel的Runaways是任何专营此产品的球迷都可以欣赏到的Hulu原创节目。 在一群六名失控的青少年之后,这些角色齐心协力消除了他们父母中的共同邪恶。 这部充满戏剧性的戏剧揭示了这些人所不知道的事情。

With super-villain parents, you can’t blame this group of teens for trying to get out of their current situations. This comic-based series finds this group on the run, as they leave their true families to become one of their own.

对于超级反派的父母,您不能怪这组青少年试图摆脱当前的状况。 这个基于漫画的系列节目让这个群体不断奔跑,因为他们离开了自己的真实家庭,成为了自己的家庭。

法案 (The Act)

Hulu Originals The Act

The Act is a series based on the true-life account of Gypsy Blanchard and her deranged mother, Dee Dee. She made her daughter believe she was gravely ill and continued to tell Gypsy she was years younger than she really was.

该法案是基于吉普赛·布兰查德(Gypsy Blanchard)和她失散的母亲迪伊(Dee Dee)真实生活的叙述而制作的。 她让女儿相信自己病重,并继续告诉吉普赛她比实际年龄小了几岁。

A tale of deceit, the unveiling of truths, and the ultimate plot of murder will keep you enthralled. The fact that it’s based on true events makes it even more riveting.

欺骗的故事,真相的揭露以及谋杀的最终阴谋会让您着迷。 它基于真实事件,这一事实使其更具吸引力。

女仆的故事 (The Handmaid’s Tale)

Hulu Original "The Handmaid's Tale."

Taking place in the Republic of Gilead, The Handmaid’s Tale is a twisted drama following the life of Offred. This woman is forced into a life of sexual servitude as she is one of the last fertile women in the town. This follows the life of Offred and her struggles, as she deals with the new dictatorship that has taken over her once normal country.

《女仆的故事 》发生在吉利德共和国,是一部跟随奥弗雷德一生的扭曲戏剧。 这名妇女是该镇最后一批可生育的妇女之一,被迫过性奴役的生活。 这是跟随奥弗雷德(Offred)的生活和她的奋斗,因为她处理了接管曾经是正常国家的新独裁统治。

明迪计划 (The Mindy Project)

Hulu Original

If you’re looking for a lighthearted, comedy, The Mindy Project is a great way to go. We follow the life of Dr. Mindy Lahiri, as she tries to make her world into the perfect romantic comedy. She’s a skilled ob-gyn on a search to not only perfect herself, but also to find the ideal man.

如果您正在寻找轻松愉快的喜剧,那么Mindy Project是一个不错的选择。 我们跟随Mindy Lahiri博士的生活,她试图使自己的世界成为完美的浪漫喜剧。 她是一个熟练的妇产科医生,她不仅要完善自己,而且要找到理想的男人。

Watch as Dr. Lahiri does everything she can to perfect her life in today’s world, while balancing her career as a top-notch doctor. The hilarious interactions with her coworkers and friends will have you laughing constantly.

观看Lahiri博士竭尽所能,以完善自己在当今世界中的生活,同时平衡自己作为顶尖医生的职业。 与她的同事和朋友的热闹互动会让您不断笑。

维罗妮卡·玛斯(Veronica Mars) (Veronica Mars)

Hulu Original

A teenager turned nighttime detective sets out to solve mysteries with the help of her father. Veronica Mars discovers the secrets and mysteries that seem to be all around the town of Neptune. In a city run by the rich and powerful, this young woman sets out to set the story straight.

一名十几岁的夜间侦探在父亲的帮助下开始解开谜团。 维罗妮卡·玛斯(Veronica Mars)发现了海王星镇周围的秘密和奥秘。 在这个由富人和强者经营的城市中,这位年轻女士着手讲故事。

With all these fantastic shows to watch, you’ll have those empty hours filled with great content in no time. From comedies to dramas, and everything in between, Hulu has genuinely stepped up to the plate with its original TV shows.

观看所有这些精彩的节目后,您将很快地在空余时间充满精彩的内容。 从喜剧到戏剧,以及介于两者之间的所有内容,Hulu凭借其原创的电视节目真正地登上了舞台。


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